Mike Nowak

With sixteen years of industry experience, Mike Nowak has developed experiences for some of Canada's, and the world's, leading brands and agencies. His user-focused approached contributed to the creation of web games for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, CBC, and Tim Horton's; kiosks for the Bank of America; complex sites supporting 30+ markets and languages for Landrover X Virgin Galactic; Virtual Reality apps for the Gear VR; and everything in between.

Mike has won numerous awards for his work on the 2006 Leo Burnett refresh (FWA / Applied Arts / Epica) and most recently for British Airway's 2014 "Fly Well" campaign. He has been a contributing writer to Edge Magazine and BoingBoing and has recently joined The Secret Location in Toronto as a Lead Developer, coming from Ogilvy London, to focus on experiential and narrative driven development.